Minnesota is cold 9 months out of the year and winter is my least favorite season. I want a home that feels like sunshine and blue skies even when it’s -23 outside and the snowman outside the door has turned into a bulbous block of ice.

I found this color scheme from Sherwin Williams and I like the lighter colors in it, particularly the blues and yellows. I also like the Aloe green and Thistle. I dislike the grays and beiges.


At present, the downstairs is painted in a color a few shades darker than the Haven green here–it’s somewhere between a sage and army green. The rest of the house is done in a darker beige. Since color is so important to the feel of a home, repainting is definitely a priority, but it will have to wait until I have at least some basic furnishings. I also have a next-to-nothing budget, and paint supplies are not cheap, so…one room at a time. I’ve never had or thought of a yellow living room but this one, in Sherwin-Williams “Butter Up” is kind of speaking to me:


I don’t have French doors or all that greenery outside, and with three dogs white couches are out of the question, but the overall feel of this picture–the bright and quiet of the space–appeals to me. I can imagine feeling warm here during a long, cold winter.

I’ve never given much thought to interior design, gardens, or landscaping. When I was a single mom, I was happy enough just to have adequate furniture and working appliances. My transition into an empty nester didn’t inspire me much more, although I did buy brand new furniture and the kind of plates that shatter if dropped on the floor. I sold it all when I went on a yearlong cross-country road trip, and I’ve been winging it in an apartment ever since. There’s been no sense of permanency…no feeling of being grounded.

Now, I’m watching design shows like Nate and Jeremiah By Design and scouring design sites like Maria Killiam’s for big ideas that I can creatively pare down. This photo, from Maria’s site (click the link above) felt summery to me. I’m not sure I’d be that bold with the light orange color, but I could definitely see me using a pale blue.


Before anything else though, I have to pack, clean, repeat. Call the utility companies, pharmacies, and doctors. Plan going away dinners with friends. It’s overwhelming, but I’m ready for the next stage of life.


1 thought on “Inspirations”

  1. I love the colors. I have orange in my entry. Brightens the whole area.
    Peace to you on your new adventure.


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